Ex Inspectors 4 Early Years

I believe in ground-up democracy. As Richard House has noted this week, the coming together of so many early years professionals from disparate backgrounds, united by concern about the policy direction of the DfE and Ofsted (who, let’s face it, shouldn’t even be making policy) is heartening. It gives those of us desperate for the voice of common sense to be heard in the corridors of power hope. To that end, I have of late been enjoying online discussions with former inspector colleagues. We have moved on to different things, but we keep ourselves up to date with what is happening in the field of early years. We are shocked at the pressures our former colleagues who still inspect are under. We are astonished that Ofsted is attempting to shape policy. We despair the lack of evidence base to the almost daily policy announcements. We, we, we….. well, I could go on, but instead you could 1) follow our new blog 2) chat with us on twitter @ExIs4EYs and 3) give us a like on facebook. We are adding our voice to the online throng. Join us.


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